Monday, July 11, 2016

Becoming a flower girl with Barney Bear

Dear Matt and Mar,

A few of weeks ago a close friend of your mother asked her permission for Mar to be a flower girl at her wedding, of course she said yes... lol. The first thing your mother did was to rush out to buy the prettiest white dress for Mar, haa haa haa, and she found one too :-)

001 Flower

002 Flower girl

It was great fun, Matt was a little bored though, but overall was very enjoyable, it also gave your mother to catch up (briefly) with all of her friends, unfortunately we had to rushed off for you two music lessons, I wished we had asked for leave and let your mother have more time with her friends.

003 Flower girl

Mar was all smile, virtually from ear to ear, and she did a brilliant job :-)

Timing couldn’t have been more perfect, this weekend was Mar’s turn to bring home Barney Bear, so there were plenty of photo opportunities to finally be glued into the ‘Bear’ book, haa haa haa.

Barney Morning 2

Barney Afternoon

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