Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fun Run 2016

Dear Matt and Mar,

This year’s fun run crept up rather quietly, well not really, there were huge booth selling the fun run t-shirts, haa haa haa, but I’d left it to the very minute before realising I need to buy a shirt for you and Mar, lol.

Fun Run-09014


Every year your mother would join the run, but with her new job she couldn’t run with you this year. So your aunt stepped in, running with Mar in the morning and cheered for Matt in the afternoon. Turned out to be a fantastic fun day :-)


Another thing that surprised us quite a bit, was Matt coming in 4th in his aquathon time trial, to be very honest, I was over the moon to see the effort Matt had put in, to achieve this, and he had promised to improve on the next trial too :-)

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