Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tagscanner is brilliant (Thai characters on iTunes)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Literally for the longest time (I mean years and years) I have harboured this huge pet peeve with iTunes, actually it’s not iTunes’ fault. Part of my music library are Thai songs, and it was just so annoying to see a good part of those Thai songs’ name display in ascii characters rather than the usual Thai font on iTunes.

TagscannerThe issue is the ID3 Tag, not being in Unicode format (I am not going to pretend I understand what I had just typed, haa haa haa). Anyway, the Tag is in a format that iTunes (or MusicBee which I am using now (love it)) can not fully comprehend.

The solution (after several remedies, my hope had been crushed too many times, lol) for me was ‘TagScanner’, bloody brilliant it is… Here is the link “”.

Fired it up, point it to the folder with all of my Thai songs, it took a few minutes to populate all the (1,000+) songs into Tagscanner program (or do I call it App now, lol). I can see that a good chunk of the library, some characters were indeed ascii. By selecting a bunch at a time, then ‘right click’, select ‘Convert Codepage’ the rest should be self explanatory… I did manage to correct all the funny fonts in about 20 minutes… it was more satisfying than watching Dr. Sandra Lee’s YouTube channel (not by much though, haa haa haa), to at last have this problem out of the way.

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