Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hong Kong Day Two, Too much substance.

HK Day Two Page1Dear Matt and Mar,

Day Two, Too much substance, lol.

A couple of weeks prior to the trip, I had everything planned down to the minute, we knew exactly what, where, when and even why on the places we were going to visit. All the essential information were tabulated, when the attraction opens/closes, how much to enter, what to see and do, website, contact numbers, which MTR station to use and so on, it was glorious... but it was only on paper.

So on our first full day, first thing on the agenda was HK Museum of History... I wasn’t expecting much, but felt like you two should know more about HK rather than just Disneyland, lol. But I was totally wrong... the museum was fantastic, an hour scheduled became almost 3 hours!

HK Day Two Page2

HK Day Two Page3

Opposite to the History museum was HK Science museum, and Matt wanted to visit that, but it was not on the agenda... haa haa haa. Science museum was brilliant! 2 hours felt like 20 minutes... oh dear, that was when I decided to put away my perfect excel agenda list... lol.

So there was way too much substance for our first day, haa haa haa, lunch was taken in some generic place. Actually finding places to eat was quite stressful, but at the end you two were brilliant, eating whatever that was placed in front of you.

HK Day Two Page4

HK Day Two Page5

After the museums we took a short walk along the riverfront on Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, then a couple more hours of exploring the shopping area before calling it a day.

HK Day Two Page6

What a great first day, the weather held out and there was no rain, on the way back your mother spotted the ‘Big Bus’ tour operator, so on the following day instead of making our own way to the Peak and Man Mo Temple, I’d decided to purchase the tickets for the ‘Big Bus’ which is a hop on hop off bus, around HK island and Kawloon area.

Let's say, the second day was slightly challenging to start with, then ended in the most glorious way!

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