Sunday, March 13, 2016

The wedding.

Nam Char pageDear Matt and Mar,

As a Thai-Chinese family goes, we are quite small, but rather close, your second cousin (Gift) got married last weekend (her father is my cousin, well more like a bigger brother due to the age gap). While I was away overseas my parents and aunt were very hand on in helping to raise your second cousin (and her brother), so there was no surprise that your grand parents are very attached and fond of your second cousins, especially when they have grown up to be something quite special :-)

So when Gift and her then husband to be, set the date for the wedding, the whole family was quite excited, you two haven’t really been to a formal function before and of course a new wardrobe was needed, haa haa haa.

A couple of week before,  your mother took Matt to buy some posh clothes, haa haa haa, upon trying on a pale blue jacket Matt said “Mama, I look like a Manager”, that dropped me to the floor with stomach cramp, side splitting laughter… lol. Mar on the other hand was going to attend the wedding in her princess dress, no point in arguing… haa haa haa.

G's wedding pageThe day before the wedding, Gift and the groom came to visit your grandparents to present them with tea (a Chinese tradition), they called it ‘Yok Nam Char’ in Thai, literally ‘Lift Tea’ to the elders who in turn will bless them with wise words and of course as always some gift :-)

The wedding was fun and beautiful (I sound like a retired matron, haa haa haa), it was fantastic to have met a huge but of our relatives… our clan is strong, haa haa haa.

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