Friday, February 19, 2016

Wrinkled fingers – day one

Dear Matt and Mar,

Your mother has been planning for this half term break for quite a while now, and for the longest time you two wanted to go back to Mercure in Pattaya, and of course that was where we’d ended up, instead of the normal 3 days 2 nights, your mother added another night into the mix, allowing us to do so much more... haa haa haa.

Feb Pattaya-05626Day one - Pool focus.

By the time Saturday morning came most of the bags were packed, but this time your mother wanted to keep up with her training program so even more bags were added to the list, haa haa haa. Time was on our side, the wheel turned around 10-ish, the traffic was quite light and luckily the drive East was uneventful, lol.

Of course the first thing you two wanted to do was to get change and jump in the pool, haa haa haa, we had to force you two to calm down and take lunch prior to the pool, it was not easy, it was like trying to calm down a nuclear fusion in full swing, haa haa haa.

Lunch was taken by the beach, and the prices reflected the location, haa haa haa, (definitely not going there again), but we needed something quick and convenient, really no choice, lol. I have never seen you two take lunch this quick, lol.

Judging by the amount of laughs you two were generating, I would say the afternoon pool time fulfilled all of your expectations, . As for me, the pool was FREEZING... after finishing off her work, your mother was also ready to jump into the pool... haa haa haa haa, until she reallised how cold the pool was (that was the only time swam in the pool, haa haa haa).

Pattaya Feb Page

Oly Pattaya Feb page

To end an already very good day, our friend, Uncle Chat (to you two) and his children was free for supper (you two were looking forward so much to seeing his kids, Gun and Jun), your mother wanted to go back to this restaurant Uncle Chat took us the last time, and she was not disappointed, after supper Jun and Mar dances through the night (through a huge bluetooth speaker and Youtube), whilst Matt and Gun was faced down for some serious gaming... haa haa haa. Of course the adults were having boring conversations... lol.


Pattaya Feb Page 2

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