Thursday, April 17, 2014

First ever nine :-)

First Round-04371Dear Matt and Mar,

Your mother was very much looking forward to today, your proper first round of golf. For many months she has been taking Matt to a golf class, and a month ago the Pro said that Matt was ready for a proper (short) round of golf.

I was a bit apprehensive at first, and I was wrong as usual, lol. The Pro told us to meet at a golf course which is quite a way from our home, again at first I’d thought it was just a little far, but after arriving there, it was perfect. A 9 hole course, which was very quiet, so essentially we had the whole course to ourselves during Matt’s round. Because this place is quite a way from BKK, the air was clean, it was quiet and full of nature, Mar had a fantastic time too.

At first Mar was supposed to stay in the club house, but as soon as we got there Mar had decided to walk outside, Matt then followed her out side, and that was it, Mar followed Matt for the whole nine holes. Luckily your mother also rented out a golf cart, not newest one in the world, but driving it was great fun.


First Round-04352First Round-04354










First Round-04369

We were supposed to arrive there around 07:30, but time was fast on that day, haa haa haa, meaning we were a bit slow in leaving the house. By the time we got there it was around 08:00. This was the first time I’d met Pro, he was super nice and very, very patient… Matt usually don’t take to anyone easily, but I can see why he’d taken to Pro.


First Round-04409-2

First Round-04384


First Round-04388Mar was enjoying the butterflies, the flowers and various bugs (haa haa haa) and was having the best time ever, following Matt for 2 hours in the heat (which was getting hotter every minute) without a single moan was fantastic. We were cheering Matt the whole time, no matter how many over par it was, lol. To see his face when he put his first one in the hole was superb, Pro then told Matt to pick up the ball and show it to us to a roaring cheers (well it was roaring enough with just the 5 of us, haa haa haa).

I was being a worried dad as usual, but Matt and everyone else was having a great time, and in not time we were on the back 3 heading back to the club house.

What a great way to start the final day of Songkran… looks like I’ll have to dig out my old clubs… haa haa haa.

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