Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One step at a time…

Dear Matt and Mar,

For the longest time I’ve been worried about Matt’s Thai language development, of course this is all my fault, haa haa haa, speaking to him in English when he was younger (since birth) was easier for me, then as he grew up all of the media (books, television, radio, music, board games, toys and so on) were pretty much all in English (although there are some great Thai apps on the iPad though), then came the school… no wonder he has no confidence speaking Thai.


It got so bad that there was a little tension in the family, anyway, your mother found a Thai teacher and so you’ve been having extra Thai lessons every Friday for quite a few months now.

Then came your school report, your Thai evaluation was pretty bad, haa haa haa, and that got your mother rather worried (it’s not just me now). So she got talking to one of your friends’ mother and found that JJ goes to this special Thai school… guess where we went last Saturday? Haa haa haa haa haa.

Matt had to sit through a 15 minutes test, the evaluation came back pretty positive, there were about 8 characters that he didn’t remember, and orally Matt was rather flat with no tones, in essence he was speaking Thai like a non Thai, but at least his Thai was polite, ending every conversation with the teacher with a krub :-)

Anyway, he will stop having the Thai lessons at home and attend this class instead, by the way we didn’t force anything upon him, the new school is great, nice, clean and fun… haa haa haa, Matt actually said he was looking forward to next Saturday when he will start his first real lesson.

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