Monday, January 6, 2014

School Starting Soon

Dear Matt and Mar,

To be more precise, your new school term starts tomorrow, haa haa haa. Can’t imagine me getting up at five thirty tomorrow :)

Your mother is already planning where to take you on your half-term break, haa haa haa. I think we are going to aim for Kanjanaburi, I haven’t been there in a very long while, besides it will be nice change from the beach to a mountain/waterfalls/lake environment.

Matt is now eating much better, and just the opposite Mar is now being more picky... just a part of growing up, she knows what she likes and what she doesn’t, it will fly across the room at the speed of sound, haa haa haa.

‘You Time’ for Matt will (luckily) be the same as last term, so, Chess Monday, Thai Boxing Tuesday and Taekwondo Thursday. Mar is still not speaking yet, but she sings a lot though, haa haa haa, she is managing Yes and No pretty well enough (well it is mostly ‘No’, haa haa haa), and a few other words, but not yet a full sentence and we believe it will be just like Matt, soon Mar will never stop talking... :)

Right now Matt is addicted to ‘Minecraft’, building houses seems to be his thing at the moment, as well as using TNTs to blow up holes in the ground, the physics on it still amazes me. Mar has taken up to using pens and colouring pencils, so I am being a little more vigilant at the moment :)

I hope you two will have a great 2014, with great health and lots of fun :)

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