Sunday, January 12, 2014

Phutthamonthon, Marble Tripitaka

Dear Matt and Mar,

We can never get tired of this place, in the centre of this building there is a temple/shrine (main pic) dedicated to a very revered monk, Phra Mongkol Thepmunee.

Pano Phutthamonthon-01689_stitch-Edit

L P S-01695 smallIn the surround ringed building sit several huge marble tablets with Buddhist Scriptures written on them (Tripitaka), I am only guessing here but there must be at least a hundred, arranged in several sets and filling the whole building structure.

Of course it was like an adventure in a maze for you two, it was supposed to be a place of calmness and serenity... may be I should have underlined the words ‘supposed to be’, :) that was until you two arrived, luckily no one was around and after some serious conversations you two did manage to turn down a notch... :)

As you can see from the main pic, it looks like I still need some practice taking several photos for a manual panorama shot (I use Microsoft ICE to put the panorama together, great tool, love it).

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