Monday, December 9, 2013

Tremendous Two :)

Dear Mar,

I have written this post and a few others for weeks (probably even months) now, but they have been sitting in my Google Drive waiting to be posted :), anyway I have already said my HBD to you (few weeks ago), people have said to us be careful of ‘Terrible Two’, haa haa haa, well, to us you and Matt were ‘Awesome One’, and ‘Tremendous Two’, haa haa haa.

Mar 2nd BD-00914-EditWhen Matt turned two, he decided to stop eating, I mean literally stopped eating, obviously it was only for a while, but it was long enough to give me and your mother many sleepless nights.

You are now being more picky with food whereas before you were just like a little pac-man :) But this is just a part of growing up, knowing what you like and don’t like. For the past few months you have been suffering from some kind of allergy with tiny bumps on one of your elbow and knee, but from our last visit to the Dr. things are looking better now.

I’ve decided not to play the strong hand card with you anymore, favouring for a more softer and creative approach :) what am I talking about? When you are not in the mood, getting you to have a shower and brush your teeth was almost impossible. I have tried the stronghand card a couple of times, but that just left me feeling totally rubbish :)

At this moment, two thing are true about you… Firstly, never give you something to put on your head because you’ll never take it off, and I mean never take it off… haa haa haa, a few weeks ago you went to the Underwater world, and they gave you a hat, that hat must have stayed on your head for three days… and then you ‘Brain School’ decided to let you make a crown, do you know how long that stayed on your head? haa haa haa haa haa.

Secondly, once you have something in your hands, anything in your hands you tend to hold on to it like a vise until you are bored with it, I still don’t know what you find fascinating about a compact disc, that was in your hands for a good 4 hours (on and off)… haa haa haa.

HBD 2013-00888-EditMar new hat-01194-Edit

Every evening when I come home from work, the best thing of the day is to have you and Matt running to me for the mandatory hug and kisses... haa haa haaa, I wonder how long that will last, in a blink of an eye Matt will soon be six and you’ll be three :) and soon after that you two would be way too ‘cool’ for hugs and kisses :) HBD again my precious.

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