Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mar’s first performance :)

Dear Mar :)

At Noddy on the ninth of December, there wasn’t a parent that weren’t excited. Christmas Concert was on the card that morning, more like a sing along :) When we entered the room, behind the curtains we could hear some frantic shuffling of tiny feet, haa haa haa, and when the curtains drew back, I was like the Terminator scanning the gorgeous little faces until I’d found yours on the left of the stage, sitting on the front row… by the way love your Santa hat :)

Mar's concert-00352Mar’s class was first up, there were only 6 of you, I think the youngest was a year and eight months and the eldest was two and a bit, so it was a pretty ‘old’ group, haa haa haa. I would love to post a picture of the whole gang here, but I haven’t asked for permission from the other parents, so there was no way I am going to post up the group photo on the (wild wild) Internet, lol.

A couple of days before the show, your class teacher mentioned to all the parents in her class that, on the day of the show all of us should move out of sight of the children because there are sure to cry… Of course I did the complete opposite. As soon as the door was opened I was first in and sat right at the front and center :) Your mother and I had a spontaneous discussion on whether we should move out of sight, so we did the next logical thing… your mother moved out of sight and I just sat there front and center :)

There was one particular song, ‘I’d like to be a Christmas tree’, wow you took to it so well :) and I am now trying to learn the song so that I can sing to you :) By the way I don’t think you sang a word through out the whole show, but action wise you were quite brilliant :) haa haa haa.

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