Friday, December 6, 2013

Made the jump :)

Dear Matt and Mar,

I was going back and forth on when to get it, then you mother said something to me that pushed me over the edge :) Mar will be singing in her first concert this coming Monday, and Matt will be the lead for his class/school play on the 12th... haa haa haa, great reasoning for getting it now ehh :)

I'd only put my name down last Friday, and wasn't expecting to be picking up one so soon, the staff at the Sony shop did say there was a long queue, now with hindsight he was just doing the sales pitch on me, haa haa haa, totally hook, line and sinker.

Looking forward to be learning the camera over the weekend :) A friend (Mr. R.), have just also bought this same camera a few days earlier and he is a somewhat an expert, and he was very happy with the results... That too made me made the jump too, haa haa haa. Unfortunately the SD card I'd bought may be too slow to handle the raw files, we'll just have to wait and see :)

Can't wait to take a billion photo of the two of you  and of your mother too :)

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