Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Singing and Dancing

Dear Matt and Mar,

I haven’t got a clue what this was, at first I’d expected the usual, you know, Matt and his friends on the stage singing their heart out. But it wasn’t… we were in fact invited to watch Matt, watching a performance of this group from the UK. Well, it wasn’t a performance as such, because it was obvious all the kids have been taught the songs and the steps (dance) that accompanied each song.

It was fun to see all the children dancing and singing along to the performance, Matt kept looking back at us, waving and telling all his friends where his parents were :) it was worth skiving the morning off just to see him smile knowing that we were not far behind him.

Mar also skived off that morning, and in a way had more fun than the whole room added together :) like a nerdy girl at a party, dancing all alone at the back of the hall, haa haa haa.


DSC00656_stitch the hall-Edit

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