Monday, October 7, 2013

Sony A7 and A7r… sweeeeettttt

Dear Matt and Mar,

I’d almost jumped on the Nex 6, then almost felt off the wagon with the a99 :) but the jigsaw just didn’t quite fit, Nex 6 being a mirror-less camera meant the autofocus (especially when things were moving towards the camera) weren’t really up to par (yet), the a99’s pixels were just a little too much and it was physically large enough to warrant the use of a tow truck to move it from point A to point B.

A7 A7rFF with 16m pixels is my sweet spot, but I’d guess the masses want more than that. I’ve purposely shy away from the 2 giants (Canon and Nikon) because my experience with the Nex 5 was/is absolutely brilliant, as reliable as a the sun and small enough to be a permanent part of my anatomy, so Sony was always going to be the brand for the next cam :) I’ve kept my eye on ‘’ religiously for the past year (haa haa haa), waiting and waiting for the next jigsaw that would fit, and it looks like that piece is coming :)

First thing first, the photo above isn’t it, more like a fan mashing together several recent Sony’s cameras using PS :) but after reading the site today, it looks like the A7 could fit my bill, the rumour site wasn’t sure if it will be 1,600 – 1,700 USD or EUR. If it was USD we are talking about 50,000 – 53,000 THB, now that isn’t bad, but if it was EUR it will be 68,000 – 72,000 THB, quite a gap :)

I believe I was in one of the first group in Thailand to put my name down for the original Nex 5 when it came out many moons ago, without even reading a single review, the camera was too interesting to pass up at that time, and I think to have a FF at around 50,000 THB, wow another game changer, but this time I am going to wait for the review though, need to find out how the AF performs before making the jump.

The information from the site said, A7 will have less pixels but will have PDAF on sensor while A7r will have more pixels but without PDAF and no anti aliasing. A7 sounds pretty sweeeeetttt, well at least for now.

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