Monday, October 21, 2013

Fun time in Cha Am :)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Half term break again, and as we have promised the both of you, we headed back to Cha Am once again because Matt wanted to try to kill me on one of those death defying slides, they might as well rename ‘The Speed’, ‘The Wave’, and ‘The Screw’ to something more truthful like, ‘The oohhhh Sh$########’, actually they can just call it ‘The oohhhh Sh$######## 1, 2 and 3’ respectively :)

This time you mother decided to go with the Duplex, living room downstairs and the bed upstairs, wow,  I now have legs like Hercules’. 

Matt and his work in progress ‘The 1001 ways on how to annoy dad with just one deck of cards’ is going well, I think he had just found the 997th way during this trip, haa haa haa.

It was a really enjoyable time again this time, despite the first full day that was literally filled with rain, but we did manage to keep Matt and Mar entertained through an indoor playground.

Black Mountain Water Park was as brilliant as ever, this time we (me) got the courage to try the ‘Screw, Wave and Speed’ (3 different slides), Matt just did it like it was something he’d done everyday. Matt was also joined by one of his close friend from school, Otto… it was just like adding a huge chunk of Sodium (Na) to water… fun, fun, fun :) haa haa haa.

Mar is now golden, literally golden, the sun looks good on her, lol. I think my mother will definitely be having a quiet word with me once she sees Mar, haa haa haa.

The only difficult thing on this break was getting Mar to come out of the water (sea, pool, and even the bath), screaming from the beach right through to our room was an achievement in itself, haa haa haa. Considering she was having high fever the night before we’d left for Cha Am, she was lucky we’d let her in the water at all.

There is another water park that have just opened, Santorini Water Park. I believe this is just an extension of the Santorini Park, and from what I have seen it should be as fun as Black Mountain Water Park (I hope), will need to spend more time with Google to see if it will be worth visiting next time we are in Cha Am, lol.

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