Saturday, September 21, 2013

I made it Mar :)

Made it to school-20130919082523903Dear Mar,

Everything just felt into place, firstly, I was called to a meeting near our home at 10:00 so it made no logical sense to firstly go into the office. Secondly, the traffic was amazingly light so I made it back home (after dropping Matt off) just a little before eight, but looking at the car park, you and your mother had already left for Noddy.

Got back to the apartment as soon as I could, grabbed the rucksack and rushed downstairs then outside, where luckily a motorcycle taxi was sitting and waiting for its next customer (me). By this time the traffic had already picked up, but it made no difference to me.

I knew I would catch you and your mother up half way to Noddy, as the motorcycle shot by, I turned and gave a huge wave to the front windscreen, having no idea if you mother saw me or not as all I could see was the reflection of the sky, and it was a beautiful day.

You were all smiles at school, what a brilliant start to a fun filled day, and the meeting went well too :)

I think it was a couple of weeks ago, your mother sent me these photos, you and one of your friends were chosen to raised the flag and lead in the ‘Good Morning’ song, I am still wondering could that have been the least successful ‘Good Morning’ rendition ever :) considering that all you can say was, Na (No), Top (Stop) and Toe (Go), let alone ‘good morning’, haa haa haa (kidding baby).

Made it to school-1379382755570Made it to school-1379383190716

By the way, you have started to call yourself “Mar”, and so it will be baby :)

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