Monday, September 23, 2013

Experimenting :)

Dear Matt,

Every Friday you were given a chance to bring in your favourite toy, to play and share with your friends at school, and for the past couple of times you have taken your jigsaw puzzle, however for last Friday I’d asked that you take your camera instead, of which you were than willing to comply.

I have just taken out your SD card and downloaded everything into Lightroom, surprisingly there were quite a few photos to say the least, I believe the oldest photo was from mid August :)

Experimenting-01293Anyway, I’d decided just to concentrate on the set that you took last Friday, most of them were of your friends playing around, of course I can’t post any of them without their parents’ permission. But this one caught my eye.

Your handing of the camera is now much better, considering I’d bought this for you at the age of two and a bit (or a just a little later), it may be was just a little too early, but at least I got you to familiarise yourself with a camera (although then, your tiny index finger could not reach the shutter button, but you did improvise by using the middle finger).

I think for this one, you were trying to photograph the water droplets on the glass :) experimenting and having fun is what it’s all about :) lol. Can’t wait to show you, your collection :) Perhaps it is time to introduce you how to use Lightroom and the joy of raw files… haa haa haa haa haa.

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