Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to School 2013

Dear Matt and Marcella,

September is now upon us, and Matt's first day at school was semi-stressful as usual, lol. As mentioned earlier Matt had already missed the first two days of term, hang on, let me go back to the week before Matt's school had started, and I am going to call it ‘Hospital week’.

It was the stomach virus to begin with, and as soon as Matt was improving, he work up with an inflammatory left eyelid (looking like a boxer with his hands tied behind his back who had also just gone a couple of round with Mr. Tyson). We’d waited a day hoping it would go down, of course it didn't, so it was another trip to the hospital. It turned out to be a result of an allergy, there was no redness to the actual eye so the prescription was nothing more than a couple bottles of Histan (and it did do the trick).

SONY DSCSo on his very first day of school, Matt's stomach was still very fragile and his left eyelid was as large as beach umbrella, lol, now you two can understand why your mother and I were a bit semi-stress through out the day.

However it will be Marcella’s huge day tomorrow, her first day at School, and I can not believe I am not going to be there. Matt walks up to his class around 07:30, but driving from there to Mar’s school will take at least an hour… But don’t worry, I’ll ask your mother to take loads of photos :)

The photo is of Matt helping Mar taking off her shoes, well Mar just sat there and Matt does all the work, just like how a big brother should, lol, he is becoming a real helper around the house :). I am an only child and to see you two helping each other out is something quite special :).

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