Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Start them young… again… :)

Dear Matt and Marcella,

By chance March discovered the small camera we bought for Matt a couple of years ago, so Matt was super excited to be reunited with his old pal, and I was over the moon that she’d found it, I have been looking everywhere for this small camera.

Little PhotographersThe plan was to go to the park this morning (which turned out to be a afternoon visit, lol), Matt was more than ready for his first photo walk, haa haa haa, another good thing is that Marcella is copying Matt in almost everything so she may just be hooked on photography as well, lol.

Talking about having no inhibition, just one example of many cases, Matt wanted to take a photo of a cyclist, so naturally he walked up real close to a kind cyclist and simply took a photo… already a better man than me my boy :) and by the way, you (Matt) took one amazing photo of the sun shining through the branches of a tree, will try to post it later on this week :)

He also used the camera to take a photo of all the places we parked today, knowing that I am forever wondering where on earth is my car??? Thanks Matt.

Just as I’d thought, once Matt put down the camera March was all over it… now the wheels have been put in motion, when March is old enough (probably next month, lol) she will have this camera, then Matt can have my current NEX and it will be my turn for something new… haa haa haa (evil laugh), when the time comes there is no way your mother can argue with this logic :)

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