Monday, July 1, 2013

On the way home :)

Dear Matt and Marcella,

About to board in about an hour, then it's another eleven hours before touching down in BKK. The meeting went well, but we have lots of homework to do before it becomes great :)

Spent most of yesterday in bed, some sort of food poisoning, it all started after breakfast the sickly feeling haunted me all the way through noon, by one it was pretty unbearable. So I made my excuses and took the long walk back to the hotel.

Having to make my way through Gay Pride London while being nauseous was a bit of a challenge :) simply because the usual route was blocked. Somehow I made it back before everything was just about to explode :)

Straight away it was bed, then woke up at around three for a round of  chucking chunks, lol, afterwhich everything improved nicely :)

Still feeling the effect today, but at least I can smile now :) can't wait to see you two tomorrow :) I have a terrific present for you 

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