Thursday, June 20, 2013

Messy Hair :)

Dear Marcella,

What a messy hair!!! :) Last week we were invited to see what Matt and his friends have learnt from their swimming lessons.

To be frank, for each exercise Matt’s only concern was to be the first to reach the other side, so the leg kicking and side swimming technique went out of the window :) Soon it will be his summer break and we promised to be a little tough on him on these swimming exercises… ohhhh there should be a few tears (kidding na).

We were told to watch from a balcony high above the pool, which was way beyond my lens capability, but managed to get this shot of you though, it just reminded me of a very old cliché, ‘oh boy, you are growing up fast’… I just wish time could slow down just a little.

Love you.

Us :)

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