Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 2, smashed screen

Samsung smashed screenOne might as well call this quarter, the clumsy quarter.

Less than a month ago, decided it was time to put my foot through the notebook :), which resulted in a smashing time (especially the screen), now it was the phone’s turn.

The case I had for the Note 2 was a bit peculiar, the mechanic of it, was simply a sliding action, where the phone sits into a plastic case, then it slides into a housing that had a belt clip. Well, it didn’t quite work (did it), after a soft jog (running after Matt) it slides off the main case and found the floor at the perfect angle :) So the gravity was at fault :)

I’d thought I could do another DIY job just like the notebook screen (that went swimmingly), one couldn’t be more wrong :)

Ended up having to take it to the service center, 4000 THB+… wow… at least the nice surprise was the waiting time, originally I’d thought it was going to take three days to a week, but it ended up with only a two hours wait :)


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