Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Half term break in Pattaya (2): Art in Paradise

Dear March and Matt,

Pattaya is a tourist town and there are plenty of attractions to keep our overseas travellers busy, some attractions I just want to throw a grenade through its window because it was so bad, but some were just way beyond my expectations.

Through the past few months I’ve seen several photos on FB of friends of friends of friends (you get the point) posing next to some clever wall paintings (illusion art), similar to those 3D street art, but I’d never knew it was in Pattaya.

It was one of the first place your mother wanted to visit, and to be very honest I didn’t expect much, perhaps we’ll get charged over price to see a few cleaver paintings in some dingy tiny warehouse… well, I could not have been more wrong. ‘Art in Paradise’ is in a huge, huge fully air con building (2 levels), it was clean, very well lit and clean (again).

Shoes had to be taken off before entering, at first I’d thought this was a bit off, but with hindsight I came very much to appreciate it, because the floor was kept clean and no sounds of foot steps :) I haven’t seen you two this excited in a while… lol

We walked by one of the painting that was off limit (paint was still wet) when a serious looking man, came up and start to touch the painting, at first I’d thought it was just a curious oversea visitor, but he kept touching it and touching it, perhaps he has a fetish for wet paint :) Nothing as exciting as that, he was one of the artist working here.

Pattaya is like a mini Russia, but this time I’d noticed a lot more of Korea influence than before, ‘Art in Paradise’ is (to my understanding) owned by a Korean, using Korean's artists. From all our visit to Pattaya is permanently under constructions, our next visit (whenever this may be) should be very interesting in deed :)






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