Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We are ready for you, North Korea… I’d meant Songkran :)

Ready for itDear Matt and Marcella,

This will be the first Songkran that we are going to take Matt out to enjoy the festival, the amount of people are usually unbelievable, the quality of water used is often questionable, not to mention the white perfumed paste and others, all have been a real concern for us.

But now as he is approaching five, it is the best time to go out there and just have fun, can’t wait to see his face when someone pour ice cold water on him… haa haa haa, he’ll probably catch pneumonia and be hospitalised for a week or so, lol (just kidding) but I have faith in modern medicine, he should be fine after a few weeks, haa haa haa.

Our deadly backup

Besides, what could go wrong, when we have such a fierce and ferocious back up, our very own Marcella the Merciless… (she was crying her eyes out trying to get rid of the thing, lol, perhaps she isn't quite merciless after all :)

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