Sunday, April 14, 2013

Songkran 2013, it’s just the beginning :)

Songkran 2013-05687Dear Matt and Marcella,

Today’s battle may have been lost, but the war is far from over, we had retreated not because we were weak, but because we were wise.

The most important battle, is the ‘final’ battle, and today’s battle was just the beginning, we have a couple more days of Songkran left, the victory will surely be ours, haa haa haa.

This year we have decided to pop over to Silom for the Songkran celebration, we deliberately avoided the top of Silom (next to Rama4), instead we walked to the Silom/Narathiwas-Rajanagarindra intersection, hoping it would be less busy... could we have been more wrong? :)

The noon sun was way behind us, the wind was picking up, everyone was well rested and ready to splash it out :) with us, we had 3 water pistols, all filled to the brim :)

Marcella was looking a little lost on what was going on, Matt was hyper as usual, spraying everyone as soon as he took the first step out of the building :)

By the time we were approaching Silom, Matt had already used up about 40% of his water, auntie Tip was down to 30%, however mine was still full :) I’d bet Marcella must have thought we were all mad, lol.

As it turned out, Silom was not really for family with young children (nor camera, lol), I’d think one needs to be at least a teenager to enjoy Silom. We must have walked no more than 20 metres before heading back out to go home. Matt had a great time, the enjoyment he gets from splashing and being splashed by total strangers could not be put into words, lol. We could tell Marcella, deep down, she’d enjoyed it :) but most of the time her expression was one of ‘WTF’.

This year the Government had banned pickup trucks (pickup truck + huge water tank + 5 to 10 people = mighty fun + mobility) meant the streets were less lively this year, perhaps next year they will be allowed back on the streets.

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