Monday, April 1, 2013

Cheeky little you :)

Dearest Matt and Marcella,

March seems to be coping alright without Gio, probable because she doesn’t know any better :) Matt is having a bit of a difficult time but is still fine (running high temp. as soon as she’d left), only last night he said that “I miss her, Papa, I want Mama to be here Papa”.

a12School photos arrived this morning, all portraits and a couple of class photos. One had to order a certain amount for them to give you the actual files, of course we were all suckered into that, and again they didn’t even give you the ‘raw’ files, just the over exposed jpegs, not only that the size was only 1200 x 1800. Really???Last year was just the same, over exposed jpeg portrait but at least they were 4752 x 3168, so you could be disappointed but at least in a ‘big’ way, lol.

I must admit, the poses were better this year, perhaps Matt is a little older and could take directions a bit better, but this one of Matt sitting make us all smile.

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