Friday, March 1, 2013

You could have been anything :)

Mr Crab PageDear Matt,

It’s time to dress up again, and you could have been anything… but… a ‘Crab’… really :)

The last time we gave you a choice, and you wanted to be ‘Water’, I gave up trying to come up with a ‘Water’ costume and ‘strongly’ persuaded you to become a sheep (a very successful sheep it was too :)

So this time I was dreading it, “Matt, What would you want to be?”, “I want to be a Crab Papa”. The task was to dress up as a character from the book ‘Little Fish’ or any of your children’s favourite character, you could hear and feel the relief all around, haa haa haa.

All your friends were in ‘Big Budget Hollywood’ quality costume/makeover, there was a fantastic Captain America, an amazing Peter Pan, a much too real Pirate, a great Superman and about a million adorable mermaids, a BRILLIANT ‘Jessie’ from Toy Story, and probably the coolest of all, we even have one ‘Anakin Skywalker’ (don’t worry he hadn’t turned to the dark side yet, so you and your friends were quite safe, although I would strongly suggest you stay away when he turns around 20 ish or when he starts wearing black and a cape, and do run with all your might if he has a black helmet on his person, haa haa haa :)

So you could have been anything, and from all of the endless possibilities, you wanted to be ‘Mr. Crab’ from Sponge Bob… a cartoon character that is a prime example for six of the seven deadly sins, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride (if this show was made for adult I am sure they’ll find a way to add Lust to this character :)

Again full marks for your mother, she had managed to find an excellent ‘Crab’ hat (I never knew there was a market for such a thing, haa haa haa) and you were absolutely over the moon, we were so happy that you were so happy :) but you could have been ‘James Bond’ (who is also a great example for some of the seven deadly sins too :), I am just saying that’s all :)

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