Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What a ‘filling’, haa haa haa :)

What a filling haa haaI wonder if one can judge a country, by using its worst (retailed) sandwich as a calibration scale? If such a scale exists (Standard Sandwich Country Development Scale, ‘SSCDS’) then I think we must be pretty way down in the ranking :)

Can this be classified as fraud? Oh, only kidding, it is only a sandwich after all, perhaps the manufacturer had a malfunctioned machine which thought of itself as a doughnut filling machine instead of a sandwich spread filling machine. This is a totally sane explanation, if this was a doughnut then the machine would have done its job perfectly, delivering jam right in the centre of the doughnut :) Somehow right now my mind is filled with Tuna Doughnut… and I don’t know why… nom nom nom…

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