Monday, March 25, 2013

Thinking of jumping ship to Squarespace :)

PathBeen at this blogging lark for about five-six years now, never knew writing about nothing in particular can be so entertaining.

Here is my team, ‘Blogger + Windows Live Writer + various image hosting services (Picasa) + The Blogger community’ all working together, making everything heavenly simple.

Don’t want to sound like an alarmist, which obviously I am going to sound exactly like one now… :) recently Google had cancelled Google Reader and for about 2/3 days people were up in arms burning Google effigies around the world (a slight exaggeration, lol).

I am not in the know on how Google makes their money from Blogger, and when I don’t see a clear revenue stream, that makes me slightly nervous, perhaps someone more knowledgeable can shed some lights on their business model with Blogger (apart from the obvious ad space, and data gathering).

I am afraid that history may just repeat itself, as I had started off on the mighty ‘Windows Live Spaces’… eerrr it wasn’t that mighty after all, as it was put to rest around 2011, who is to say that Blogger won’t travel down the same road?

Of course there are several Free and Paid alternatives to Blogger out there, the only reason I am seriously considering Squarespace is because of a blog I listen to (TWIT).

Obviously there is no rush at the moment, the big G hasn’t come out to say they were killing off Blogger just yet. I’ve read that Big G wanted to move people into Google Plus and that could be one of the reasons on putting my beloved Blogger in lead lined coffin; creating content (nor matter how pointless or self-centered they are) on Google plus is just isn’t the same as doing it on the blog.

It’s like comparing ‘Instant Noodles’ against ‘freshly made noodles’ with soup that took 48 hours to be perfected, they are both still noodles, they both will fill your hungry stomach, but the path/satisfaction gained/enjoyment in creating that content couldn’t be more different.

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