Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Like brother like sister :)

Matt and March haa haa haa

Dear Matt and March,

March had disappeared into the spare bedroom, and when she returned, she was wearing the Thai-boxing shorts (P’Pui did the transformation :)

I am convince they could heard us laughing in Australia, lol. It did take a bit of an effort (tagging a photo, nor matter how simple it is, is not my strongest discipline) to find Matt in the very same shorts so many years ago…

How quickly things have changed, we are no longer living in the house where Matt had posed for this photo and he is certainly not a baby anymore (sad, lol).

And soon we all will be looking back at March in these shorts and say exactly the same thing we have said about her big brother, Einstein’s discovered time slows down if one was to travel fast (really fast), so called the theories of ‘relativity’, perhaps there is another theory out there explaining why time seems to speed up when one is older :)

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