Friday, February 8, 2013

Synctoy >>>> FreeFileSync :)

When moving to a new PC, many windows users have their favourite “List” of mandatory programs to be installed as soon as Windows allows it. I also have such a list, and once in a bluemoon it changes, just like yesterday.

In no particular order; Chrome, Windows Live Writer (part of Windows Live Essentials) (amazing set of tools, not sure if it will still be there with Windows 8), Lightroom, MS Office, MS Image Composite Editor, Gimp, Inkscape, MS Security Essentials, SumatraPDF, Skype, Picasa (not that I need it, it’s more of a comfort thing), Truecrypt, some fonts (now totally besotted with PT mono), Line, Flickr tool, iTunes, Lastpass, Dropbox, CCleaner, 7 Zip, Handbrake, VideoLAN and MS Synctoy.

All of the above have to be loaded before I even feel like working, haa haa haa. Of course to be productive one perhaps needs only three or four of the above, but ‘no’, I must have all of it... ‘aaaalllll of it’... “How can I finish off an essay if I don’t have Skype?”, haa haa haa, totally ridiculous but it is just the way it is.

Most of the programs mentioned above are free or donation-ware, however some paid programs have proved themselves impossible to be dethroned, MS Office and Lightroom will be here for quite a while yet.

FreeFileSyncLogo2The latest change was ‘MS Synctoy’, discovered last evening that it wasn’t deleting files that it was supposed to deleting. Let say there were two hard disks, A (on the right) and B (on the left). Files were deleted manually on drive A, and upon syncing, the expectation was for the same files to be deleted on drive B, but instead it copied the files from drive B back onto drive A, totally defeating the point.

After tweaking all the settings and running it through several scenarios, I just gave up, the problem still exists, so I’d turned to the community on the net (with hindsight I should have done this in the first place :)) only to discover that many people were facing the same issue, so the only solution was to find an alternative, and where better else to look if not on

The first alternative that came up was ‘FreeFileSync’, (<--- Click) an open source software, 5 minutes later it was running and working like a charm (2 days later and so far so good). As a ‘not so hardcore’ user, this FreeFileSync is perfect, the UI is friendly and logical, the explanation of each action is clear and concise and best of all, it’s ‘fast’.

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