Monday, February 4, 2013

Panicking at Soi Burirom 4

Under control

Initially didn’t pay attention to the single siren that went passed, then another siren came, and another, from all directions, and it didn’t fade away down the street like it usually does, this time it stayed.

We are in the Klong Thom area, probably one of the busiest area in the whole of Bangkok, unlike some of the other tourist’s areas, Klong Thom have stayed pretty much out of the ‘tourist’ grid, but it is a favourite to many Thais.

Soi Burirom 4 sits across the street from Klong Thom, so the smoke did caused quite a lot of stir, but by the time I got there, several small fire engines were already in place and water was already flowing, luckily they caught it in time.

So far no one have been reported hurt, and the fire didn’t spread, it could have been a totally different story, considering all different scenarios, we are fortunate to have this ending today.

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