Tuesday, February 12, 2013

‘Brawling in Bangkok’, what happened?

2013-02-12 18.06.102013-02-12 18.05.39Has SP gone and hire the same photographer as PP? Or have I totally missed the trend-train on this one, is the ‘psychopath face’ the new trend for leading Thai politicians? SP and PP are by far the two leading candidates for the office, and the plastic, soul-less photos are getting to be a worry, lol.

The word on the street, by that I mean the news :), PP is leading in various polls, people are finding it hard to believe SP and his batch of new promises, simply because they haven’t seen much from him while he was in office for the past 4 years (this allegation is of course unproven). PP on the other hand has the clear benefits of having no history in this position, and his work with the police have always been quite ‘pretty’ (don’t really know how to put it any other way :))

PP is younger, fitter, slimmer, and has a smile that once hooked into a generator can light up Blackpool Illuminations for the whole month. However, statistically, SP has the advantage, the past representations from ‘the Democratic party’ have always trail in the polls only to finish first each time.

I still have yet to decide on where to put my ‘X’... still waiting for a better portrait photo, haa haa haa, oh just kidding.

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