Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bangkok is Beautiful: Naris Damrat Bridge

Missed a bus stop on the way home this evening, so had to walk back through a couple of bus stops before catching another bus home.

Came across a community running along the sides of one of many Bangkok’s canals, the bridge that I stood on is named ‘Naris Damrat’ (built 1970, and I must have walked/drove across this bridge a gazzillion times but have never seen it like this), the lighting was great, the air was cool, the traffic was light so there was hardly any annoying traffic sound, in a way it just didn’t feel like Bangkok this evening.

I was thinking of walking along the side for some more snaps, but it was late and I can’t see the people appreciate a grey haired man, carrying a rucksack and holding a camera taking photos on their door steps at this time of day, lol.

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