Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Weekend in 2013

Dear M & M,

As we are coming to the end of the first weekend in 2013, it seems like not all people have returned from their holiday yet and adding the cool weather we are having into the mix, Bangkok was definitely ‘a paradise on earth’ :) I am sure things will be back to normal tomorrow though, lol. Moreover, Matt’s school starts next week, on Tuesday of all days, lol, so we tried to make the best of this weekend :)

Before you mother went to mass we spent a glorious afternoon in Lumpinee Park, it was so nice to see you two playing with new friends. Marcella was walking with such confident and no longer wanted to be carried, I am now thinking of one of those leash… oh, just kidding… :)

On the Sunday (today), Matt spent most of the day asleep (and I have no idea what time he will go to bed tonight), after lunch we took both of you to Or.Tor.Gor Market unfortunately we didn’t have time to take you across to the infamous Jatujak market, perhaps next weekend if the weather is still cool :)





I can see this photo being my favourite come December, it tells of your confident, we even have a new nickname for your now. At the beginning I was calling you March, Matt was calling you Marchy and your mother was calling you Mar.

But now everyone calls you ‘Jay’, it is a Chinese word for ‘Big Sister’, haa haa haa, oh you’ll understand it soon enough :)

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