Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cunning little girl :)

Dear Marcella,

Just wanted to let you know that your ‘fake’ cries can be spotted a mile off :) so please don’t even try to give us one of yours ‘just give me what I want’ kind of a cry, it will never work, lol.

Soon I am going to find a small ‘Oscar’ (I am sure there must be some Chinese knockoffs somewhere in BKK), and every time you give us one of yours ‘you must do what I want or I’ll cry my heart out’, I’ll just going to give you the Oscar, :)

You are now about one year and one month old, your favourite thing at the moment is to ‘walk’, I must say when you walk, it’s like you were tightrope walking a thousand metre in the air :), arms flinging wildly, legs buckling now and then, looking like you were going to fall at every new step you took, but of course never did fall :)

Matt is now back at School (first day today), and you were crying this morning when you said your goodbye to your big brother :)

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