Thursday, January 17, 2013

‘Brawling in Bangkok’, trading punches.


Mom Rajawongse Sukhumbhand Paribatra (“SP”) representing the Democratic Party (“DP”), is the incumbent governor of Bangkok, his party is the majority party in the opposition coalition.

Pol. Gen. Pongsapat Pongcharoen (“PP”) representing the Pheu Thai Party (“PTP”), is the main challenger, his party is the currently leading the government coalition.

I believe the first couple of punches were thrown by PP/PTP in early January of 2013, and it wasn’t a jab, it was a couple of pretty good right hook to the cheek, only if it was an inch lower (to the chin) then we could have had the first mandatory eight count in the first round.

Earlier this month, the Department of Special Investigation (“DSI”) have been asked to investigate SP, firstly for the improper process (awarding the contract without permission) for awarding Bangkok Transit System Co (“BTS”) the rights to operate the Skytrain extensions for thirty years. Secondly regarding Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (“BMA”) and BTS setting up a mutual fund under fraud, simply because the advertisement for the mutual fund had gone out before it was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The cointer punch from SP/DP was more of a jab rather than an uppercut to the jaw and it was pretty close to belt too. Allegations have been made against PP that he had been prosecuted for shoplifting in the US, and that subsequently PP had changed his name (from Pairat) to step over a rule that a person with a criminal records should not be able to become a police general.

However, one has to have been in imprisonment for two or more years to be prohibited to run for this office, therefore the only reason someone is digging this one up is purely for discrediting PP, and so far Minister Justice have not received further information on this shoplifting allegations.

PP took that jab well, and came back with a jab of his own that just missed the face of SP by a hair's breadth. DSI have informed SP that he is now under investigation for illegal donation from him to his party (Democratic Party) while he was the member of parliament.

As of this morning, DSI have announced that they will delay this investigation until after the election as they didn’t want to appear to be ‘picking on’ SP (a bit bloomin late for that), this is certainly true because over 40 MPs (confirmation needed) are also under the same accusation but DSI have only chosen to investigate SP and Abhisit (our ex-Prime Minister).

There is over a month and a half to go before the election, I wonder what kind of punches will be thrown next? Will it be jabs all the way? Or is someone holding back a hook, hook, uppercut combination?

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