Thursday, January 31, 2013

All better now :)

Dear Marcella,

You woke up one morning with a swollen eye, Matt had exactly the same thing at around your age but that was because he climbed and fell (around 4 feet) from his cot to the hard wooden floor, the shiner was amazing (we can laugh now because all he had was one gorgeous black eye).


You on the other hand, did not fall from your cot, we assumed it was an insect bite of some kind, the bump got bigger and bigger during the first 2 days, then quickly went down, the most difficult thing was finding a way to stop you rubbing your eye, of which we failed miserably, but all better now :)

Your morning’s routine now include walking by yourself to the elevator, to give a good bye kisses to Matt and I, to which Matt would scream on the top of his little lungs, “I Love You, Marcella, I Love You Mama…” and this usually takes place at around a quarter to seven, no wonder why most of our neighbour had left :)

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