Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Quiet time


Looks like Marcella will take after her brother :) books are becoming a big part of your lives… Can’t wait until you are old enough to enjoy Terry Pratchett, J.K.Rowling, Bill Bryson, Douglas Adams (and you’ll know why I am obsess with the number 42? lol), and so many more :)

But please do stay away from the Twilight series (vampires that sparkle in the sun!!! come on…) however I’ll let you know in another post if Stephenie Meyer is worth a read in the future, one never knows, one bad book (or a series of bad books) doesn’t mean he/she can not eventually write a classic in the future, just look at Bob Clark’s (sadly cut short) career, how can one have ‘A Christmas Story’/’Porky’s’ (etc.) sitting next to ‘Rhinestone’ on the same resume?

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