Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More books please

Dear Marcella,

We are now introducing books into your daily routine, hoping you’ll another bookworm… I believe in a balance diet of modern media and traditional books, modern media is easy, turn it on and just let you absorb it. Of course in an instant you are drawn to it like a young lady to a Hermes bag. Above all there are plenty of good content on the both the TV and Internet, we just have to be selective.

Books require additional effort, reading it in such a way so you are hooked have been difficult especially when you are only one (and a bit). Matt’s room have somehow turned into your reading room, so removing you from the living room and into Matt’s room have definitely increased your focus on listening. I have no doubt that you have no idea on what is going on, our readings are just sounds to you, but soon you’ll get it and you’ll be hooked on reading just like all of us.

And it’s never too early to teach you on the basic mechanic of a mouse and keyboard, I likened those to driving a car with manual transmission (proper car, proper skill, haa haa haa) rather than driving a car with automatic transmission which is like using a tablet :)

Who knows in fifteen years mouse and keyboard could well be obsolete, to be replaced with touch screen and voice dictation, just imagine in fifteen years grammar Nazi would be out of a job and subsequently making the net one step less fun :)



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