Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello again Doc. :)

Getting BetterDear Marcella,

Another week, another visit to the hospital, several times in this past couple of months you have been in and out of hospital, and it was always with the same high temperature, but this time was one of the worst, last night your temperature reached just a little over 39c.

SONY DSCI don’t think you’ll ever get used to the rub down routine given by the nurses, in fact I don’t think I can get use to it either, but it had to be done to keep your temperature down.

This morning Matt made you something from his ‘Brain School’ class, a handmade flower just for you. The teacher asked who he was making it for and his reply was immediate, “it’s for Marcella” :)

When you woke up this morning, Matt was already by your side and he once again gave you his Siamese Twin (his butterfly pillow)… I could not stop smiling, but we couldn’t give it to you because the last thing we want is two poorly children in the house :)

Here is the flower Matt made just for you :) Hope you get well soon baby :)

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