Friday, November 23, 2012

We are not late :)


Dear Matt,

We have finally found a solution… now we’ll have to see how long we can keep this up :)

It has been pointed to us that you are not always on time getting to school, so your mother has been putting some pressure on yours truly… We tried to wake you up early for breakfast, but as mentioned earlier getting you to finish a bowl of anything is like asking a Koala to swim across the Pacific Ocean, and without goggles too.

After that we have to fight through the morning rush hour, with every parents trying to get their child or children on time to school, one can just imagine how hectic that may be :) in short it didn’t work, we were still a little late.

So what we are trying now is to switch things around a little, and it all starts the night before :) The evening before while your mother would be busy cooking supper she would at the same time be making your breakfast as well (for the next day, and that is our secret sauce).

Instead of giving your breakfast at home, we or I would now be sitting down for breakfast with you at school… meaning after you getting up, showered and dressed (during that time your breakfast would have been prepared and packed) we immediately head out from home to school. Thus avoiding the traffic altogether, this morning took less than 15 minutes to get to school comparing to the usual 30 – 45 minutes, and there was no headache trying to find a parking space, that alone could take another 10 minutes.

This morning we arrived a little before seven, and by the time you’ve finished your breakfast and milk we still have ten minutes to spare, giving you time to play with your friends before the ‘very hard’ morning class of ‘more playing’ starts, haa haa haa.

However I do find it a little intimidating, being the only person there with a XY chromosomes pairing, but that soon disappeared, to see you happy and relax, instead of me rushing you to wakeup, to shower, to brush, to dress, to eat, to drink, to run… haa haa haa. Let see how this is going in about a week time :)

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