Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stomach Virus

caring-3Dear Marcella,

In the very early morning of October 24th you suddenly came down with something which made you cried continuously, we weren’t sure what was upsetting you but your mother thought your stomach was a bit bloated.

From our experience with Matt, we had thought it was just gas, so we decided to give you airx which usually does the trick. Only a few minutes later you were sick (this was the first time for me), I’d thought being sick would have helped but it didn’t. At the same time your temperature was also rising fast, it must have peaked around 38.5c, so we began our well rehearsed routine of tylenol and the wipedown.

After a couple of hours your temperature was still a little high, but you managed to fell asleep, however that wasn’t for long, and soon you were up and crying again. We then got ready to drive to the emergency but decided against it at the last minute, simply because your usual doctor usually comes in very early in the morning, and that was only a couple of hours away.

caring-1Fashion-1Luckily Matt was on his half-term break so there was no extra burden of driving him to school, we decided to leave Matt in the care of Tip, and the three of us headed to the hospital. It was obvious that you were still very uncomfortable, after a couple of tests and another wipedown you were in the Doctor’s office, she wanted to have some urine and stool sample, you did your duty and all we had to do was to wait for the result, by this time you were beginning to smile again (I was in such a hurry to get to the hospital, I’d committed the most hideous fashion crime ever, socks with flip flops, lol).

The diagnosis was, ‘Stomach Virus’, there was nothing one can do but to treat the symptoms such as high temperature and stomach ache. There was no diarrhea so no risk of dehydration, but we kept an eye on it nonetheless.

The following day we headed off to the south for a short holiday, as in earlier posts, we did all we could to keep the temperature down. The Doctor said it will be over in three days, and she was right on the money, as on the third day when we were due to drive back to Bangkok, your temperature was back to normal but you did look a little tired, and you eyes were not as bright as they usually were.

By the time we got home, and after a long sleep, you were back to yourself again, your mother was over the moon and so relieved that you were no longer in pain, we promised ourselves to make another trip soon, just for you, as we felt like you have missed out on the whole thing :) it will be such a laugh to see you swimming with Matt again :)

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