Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sony Alpha a99 arriving in Thailand

a99 in THSoon to arrive in Thailand, Sony Alpha a99 at 94,990 (body only), but the current campaign is free SF-32UX (sd card, 4,490) and (wait for it...) free VG-990 (11,990)!!!, including free 1 year Sony extended Warranty (3,180), oh... where is that lottery ticket?

Actually I can use a couple of winning lottery tickets right now :) To make the ‘lust list’ complete, lets just throw in a SAL70200G (63,890), SAL2470 (64,590) and of course the SAL50F14 (13,490). Not to forget a camera bag, for a camera bag addict (CBA) such as yours truly, one will always need a new bag to go with the new goodness (so superficial :) )

Wait, how about the lens filters, new camera stand, additional battery? What else... screen protector for the back lcd, and perhaps a new wife, for there is no way on earth she would approve this budget request... Maybe, just maybe I can argue this against the D4, once she sees how much cheaper this is, she may, with the slimmest of hope, she just might say ‘maybe’, and that is all I need because that ‘maybe’ is just a stone throw away from a full blown, glorious ‘Yes’...

Until she finds out I was comparing an apple to an orange... haa haa haa, perhaps I’ll just keep this ‘lust list’ to myself... and weep gently each night into my pillow until a99+1 arrives :)

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