Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blogger Page Navigation

Blogger Page NavigationI’ve been on blogger since 2007 (having moved from windowslive), and during the past 5 years I have tried several solutions for adding page navigation to the blog, and all the working ones required me to add code right into the HTML page, entering the HTML page is like letting a baby (me) on to a Demolition derby match, every tiny step could have been a disaster.

For the longest time I got one working like a charm, but a few months ago when I had totally revamped the template I had decided to wait for a better solution, I was hoping that Blogger would come up with something in house, but that never came (but they have done a bunch of amazing improvement though).

So yesterday I decided to make another search on the net to see if someone has managed to come up with a better solution, I was hoping for some code for a widget that one could just copy and slot in the HTML widget then place it at the bottom of the page... and I was not disappointed.

If you are on Blogger and wanting to have page navigation, please follow this link,

After making your choices for looks and page number set up, it will try to add the page navigation automatically, but I had decided not to do it that way, but instead doing it manually by copying the code then add it to the widget myself.

The instruction is clear and simple, if I could do it then honestly anyone could do it, in 5 minutes the page navigation was working faultlessly.

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