Sunday, October 28, 2012

The only criteria for choosing our family photos :)

Dear M and M,

Just sat with your mother to choose a few photos from our Cha Am break, after a while I was beginning to get the direction I was suppose to follow, how could I have been so blind, just couldn’t see the wood for the trees :)

SONY DSCThere is only one simple rule to follow when choosing our family photos, and I do insist that you two must remember this, it doesn’t matter if the composition was poor, or if the photos were blurry, the only, ‘only’ thing that matters is that one must choose the photos that your mother looks ‘at least decent’… otherwise the photos are not worth printing or posting, lol.

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  1. haha, so true! I have had to take down waaaay too many pics from facebook where the kids look great and I am mid-yell or something!


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