Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sleeping like a boss :)

Dear Marcella,

We’ve just got back from a short break in Cha Am this late afternoon, and what an interest time we had. To start off, the day before we were setting off for this trip, you came down with a stomach flu, the Dr. said it was going to take three days to worn off (with hind sight, she was absolutely right on the money).

SONY DSCFor the whole holiday you were suffering from high temperature, keeping your mother up most of nights, and this morning we even had to wipe you down at three AM , but we were well prepared, we took what it seemed like a whole pharmacy with us on this trip, haa haa haa.

I don’t think your temp. went down below 37.5 for the whole of the three days we were away, the highest it got to was almost 39, we were ever so worried, we could tell by your eyes that you weren’t having a particular good time, but day by day you were getting better.

We had planned for you to have your first dip in the sea, so that went out of the window, and you know what, when we checked out ‘that’ was the first time your temp. returned to normal, haa haa haa, you were back to yourself just as we were leaving the hotel to return home… haa haa haa, what else one can do but laugh.

Now that you were fine, we could tell you were tired due to the lack of sleep during the past three days, so once you were in the car we plonked you down on the arm rest only for a short while on the rear seat, but in a couple of second you went to sleep just like a boss :)

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