Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Better than Postcards

SONY DSCDear Matt,

During the evenings when the sun had set and the pool had closed, you would keep yourself busy by pulling out all the crayons (over 30 of them, I know because I was the one who had to pick them all up, lol) and you would begin to draw.

When we’d asked what you were doing, the answer was kind of surprising, “I’m drawing pictures for my friends” and you were so serious about it (It was a surprise because no TV was mentioned :) ). I have taken photos of all the pictures that you had drawn and will show it to you one day :) they were just scenery pictures, the sun sits gently below a heavy blue sky whilst hovering above a deep green sea, and in the middle were trees standing on one long beautiful beach... :)

Today was your first day back at school (29.10.12) and I’d guess I’ll find out tonight if you had given all the pictures to all of your friends or not :)

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  1. Sometimes we are not aware what the child is going to do and it ends up to our surprise,being child they are more accurate and active to react the way they want.Thanks for sharing such a nice topic with us.


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