Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The way I like to drink :)

SONY DSCDear Marcella,

We are still waiting for you to start crawling, so far it is more like a ‘slide on your tummy’ kind of a crawl. We are waiting because we wanted to know how you’ll crawl, to see if whether you will take after your big brother or not (crawling on hands and feet, rather than hands and knees).

At the very beginning your brother had problem drinking milk, so we mixed it with freshly squeezed orange juice and that worked like a charm. But for you, eating and drinking milk will never your problem, that is apart from drinking water.

I think your mother must have tried giving you water from every type of cups, bowls, bottles, straws and just about anything else that could hold water, she had tried. So far, the only thing that works is a syringe, we noticed that you love to take your medicine through the syringe, so your mother decided to use it to give you water instead, and again it worked like a charm :)

Just wanted to let you know that you are starting to have your little quirks already, although I would doubt that you’ll have as many as Matt :)

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